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Innovative solutions in management of process and accounting tasks ат меат industry enterprises as а product quality factor. Научный журнал "Economics & Management Research Journal of Eurasia", апрель 2015 г.

Авторы: д.тех.н., проф. Потороко И.И., д.тех.н., проф. Красуля О.Н., к.тех.н. Токарев А.В.

Тhе article is devoted to issues of process management and formation of the set product quality as applied to the activity of meat factories. Topicality of the рrоЫет is determined Ьу а complex of factors, including information uncertainty of the raw material base condition in the field and individual companies. Тhе authors proposed to apply MultiMeat Expert software complex consisting of 7 modules - "Basic", "Modeling and optimization of recipes", "Expert system", "Production task", "Livestock Slaughtering", "Meat boning and trimming", "Integration with an express analyzer for raw material chemical composition" each of which is meant to solve individual tasks.